Music Calendar

Hymn List for 0930 Masses – Lent 2019

1st Sunday of Lent


Entrance 180 Led by the Spirit of our God
Offertory 840 God of mercy and compassion
Communion 752 My song is love unknown
Recessional 206 Forty days and forty nights
2nd Sunday of Lent


Entrance 934 Dear Lord and Father
Offertory 600 All that I am
Communion 199 Again we keep this solemn fast
Recessional 872 My God accept my heart this day
3rd Sunday of Lent


Entrance 806 The Lord’s my shepherd
Offertory 908 Blest are the pure in heart
Communion 803 Love is his word
Recessional 206 Forty days and forty nights
4th Sunday of Lent


Entrance 302 Breathe on me breath of God
Offertory 601 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
Communion 204 Lord Jesus, think on me
Recessional 861 Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go
5th Sunday of Lent


Entrance 969 Lord of all hopefulness
Offertory 604 Lord accept the gifts we offer
Communion 212 All ye who seek a comfort sure
Recessional 801 Love divine all love’s excelling
Palm Sunday


Entrance 229 All glory, laud and honour
Offertory 982 O Jesus Christ, remember
Communion 898 Make me a channel of your peace
Recessional 230 Ride on! Ride on in majesty!

Music List Solemn Latin Masses  –  March 2019

March 3rd                        1100 – 8th Sunday of the Year


Missa Brevis in C (K258)                                  Mozart


Beatus vir (K 339)                                           Mozart

Ave verum corpus                                         Mozart


Prelude in E-flat major (BWV 582)                     J S Bach


March 6th Ash Wednesday – 1.05pm & 6pm

Music to include Miserere mei – Allegri


March 10th                1100 – First Sunday of Lent


Mass in the Dorian mode                        Howells


Misere mei                                           Byrd

Agnus Dei                                            Morley


 March 17th                      1100 – Second Sunday of Lent


Missa brevis                                         Palestrina


In monte Olivetti                                  Ingegneri

Super flumina Babylonis                         Palestrina


March 24th                       1100 – Third Sunday of Lent  


Missa quarti toni                                   Victoria


Peccantem me quotide                           Morales

Jesu dulcis memoria                              Victoria


March 31st                        1100 – Fourth Sunday of Lent (Lætare Sunday)


Missa Dolorum                                     M Haydn


Laudate Dominun, quia benignus est        Goller

Angelis suis                                          Rheinberger


Organist and Director of Music: David Graham

Associate Director of Music: Duncan Aspden

Parish Priest: Fr Dominic Robinson SJ