Music Calendar

Hymn List 09.30 Masses


Palm Sunday


Entrance 229 All glory, laud and honour
Offertory 982 O Jesus Christ, remember
Communion 898 Make me a channel of your peace
Recessional 230 Ride on! Ride on in majesty!

Easter to Ascension


Easter  Sunday Entrance 290 The head that once was crowned with thorns
Offertory 601 Praise to the Lord
Communion 268 Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord
Recessional 267 Jesus Christ is risen today
2nd Sunday of Easter


Entrance 278 Now the green blade riseth
Offertory 271 Battle is o’er
Communion 650 The son of God proclaim
Recessional 644 Alleluia sing to Jesus
3rd  Sunday of Easter Entrance 694 All creatures of our God and King
Offertory 604 Lord accept the gifts we offer
Communion 651 My God and is thy table spread
Recessional 287 Thine be the glory
4th  Sunday of Easter


Entrance 804 The King of love my Shepherd is
Offertory 600 All that I am
Communion 938 Soul of my saviour
Recessional 970 Be thou my vision
5th Sunday of Easter Entrance 831 In Christ there is no east or west
Offertory 609 In bread we bring you, Lord
Communion 908 Blest are the pure in heart
Recessional 772 Lord Jesus Christ
6th Sunday of Easter Entrance 801 Love divine all love’s excelling
Offertory 605 Take our bread
Communion 627 This is my body
Recessional 880 Tell out my soul
7th Sunday of Easter   Entrance 769 Lord, enthroned in heav’nly splendour
Offertory 291 Hail the day that sees him rise
Communion 629 I am the bread of life
Recessional 321 Crown Him with many crowns



MUSIC AT THE 11am MASS – Holy Week & Easter 2018


March 25th                        1100 – Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion  

Mass                                Missa brevis                                         Lotti  

Motets                             Christus factus est                                 Anerio

                                      Improperium                                        Perti

                                      Adoramus Te, Christe                                      Lassus

Chorale                            O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden


March 27th                       1900 – Ecumenical Stations of the Cross

                                      Vexilla regis                                         Gregorian chants

                                      Stabat Mater

                                      Ave Regina cælorum


March 29th                       1900 – Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Mass                                 Gloria                                                  Duffy

Motets                             If ye love me                                        Tallis

Ubi caritas                                           Duruflé

Ave verum corpus                                  Saint-Saëns

Set me as a seal                                    Walton


March 30th                       1500 – Solemn Liturgy of the Passion

Gradual                                     Christus factus est                                 Anerio

Motets during the Veneration    Sancte Deus                                           Tallis           

Motets during communion         De profundis                                         Pizzetti

                                      Caligaverunt oculi mei                           Victoria         



March 31st                         2000 – The Easter Vigil 

Mass                                Gloria                                                 Duffy

Motets                             Vidi aquam                                          Victoria

                                      Haec Dies                                            Palestrina

Organ                              Incantation pour un jour Saint                 Langlais


April 1st                            1100 – Easter Sunday

Mass                                Missa Solemnis in C major (K 317)           Mozart

Motets                              Christ lag in Todesbanden (BWV 4)                    J S Bach  

                                       Laudate Dominum                                 Mozart  

Organ                               Prelude in E-flat major (BWV 552)            J S Bach


Organist and Director of Music: David Graham

Associate Director of Music: Duncan Aspden

Parish Priest: Fr Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ