Arrangements for a Funeral Mass at Farm Street Church are made through the Funeral Director selected by the family. Memorial Services are arranged directly with the Parish Priest.

When a time has been agreed for the Service, the family will meet with the Priest to discuss the Order of Service and other details. The Priest will help with the arrangements for music and flowers.

All Orders of Service must be sent in advance of printing to our Parish Administrator, Mr. Scott McCombe.
We ask that Requiem Mass Orders of Service should not contain requests or appeals for donations.

An outlined Order of Service for the Funeral (Requiem Mass) is given below:
Requiem Mass

An outlined Order of Service for the Memorial Service is given below:
Memorial Service

We are happy to recommend these funeral homes with whom we have had a long association:

France and Son 0207 405 4901
Kenyon 0207 937 0757 or 0207 834 4624 (Chelsea)
The Cooperative Funeral Care – branches located throughout London