Proverbs 8:22-31           Psalm 8

Romans 5:1-5     John 16:12-15



Two years ago, I was given a six month sabbatical, nine weeks of which I was fortunate to spend in the Holy Land. I was based mostly in Jerusalem at an ecumenical study centre run by the University of Notre Dame in the USA.  This study centre, known as Tantur, which overlooks the wall separating Jerusalem from the city of Bethlehem, specialises in shorter and longer study programmes designed to introduce their participants to biblical history and culture as well as the contemporary religious and social landscape of Israel and Palestine.

The programme I was involved with had some 20 participants from all over the world. It was very well planned and the guides on our tours could not have been better prepared or their presentations more stimulating.

One such tour took us into Galilee and on one wet and misty afternoon in March our coach made its way to the Golan Heights which have been occupied by Israel since the Six Day War in 1967. From a viewing point up in the hills, we were able to look down into neighbouring Syria, a land which then as now was in the midst of the civil war which has caused so much human suffering and loss of life. This visit moved us all very much.

While we were there one of our number, a Presbyterian minister from Perth in Western Australia, led us in prayers, as I recall, for peace, for those caught up in the violence of the war and for those suffering for their faith . She also read a poem by the twentieth century Scottish poet Edwin Muir, entitled “One Foot in Eden”. Fittingly enough, the poem reflected on the struggle of good and evil, on how one is so often entwined with the other, the wheat inseparable from the weeds, and how, one might say, light sometimes appears only because there are shadows. This is how his poem ends:

But famished field and blackened tree
Bear flowers in Eden never known.
Blossoms of grief and charity
Bloom in these darkened fields alone.
What had Eden ever to say
Of hope and faith and pity and love
Until was buried all its day
And memory found its treasure trove?
Strange blessings never in Paradise
Fall from these beclouded skies.

 Read in that place, this poem gave us all much food for thought and in my case it still does. Suffering, very regrettable thought it is, can be the occasion of much good. Many are the stories we all hear of acts of great love in the midst of the war in Syria. We might think of  doctors at work during aerial bombardments or of those working today with refugees. We might perhaps think as well of the times in our own lives when in the midst of difficulty we may have experienced so much love and compassion from family, from friends and from strangers. And on this Trinity Sunday, when we think about how it is God’s nature to save, we might be reminded of those words about the sin of Adam in the Easter proclamation, the “Exsultet”, “O happy fault, that earned so great, so glorious a redeemer”.

Fr Michael Holman, S.J.


The new altar will be installed with a Solemn Mass of Dedication, celebrated by Bishop Nicholas Hudson, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, on Wednesday 19th June at the 6pm Mass. A reception will follow in the Parish Hall. All welcome.
Installation and Dedication of our new altar

The last Masses on the old altar are celebrated this weekend, after which the altar is removed to make way for the arrival of our new altar on Monday. During its installation on Monday and Tuesday, Mass will be celebrated at the Sacred Heart Shrine. The new altar will be dedicated by Bishop Nicholas Hudson, Area Bishop for central and east London, at a solemn Mass on Wednesday at 6pm. All are warmly invited.

The altar frontal of the old altar has found an excellent new home at the National Shrine of St Augustine of Canterbury, Ramsgate, Kent, which hosts the headquarters of the Pugin Society. The transfer of the old altar frontal will be marked with a service in Ramsgate in the autumn. We are delighted to make this connection with the Pugin Society, as our original high altar is a fine Pugin work, the replica of which is the detail of the old altar frontal. The beauty of our new altar will be further enhanced by making visible the Pugin high altar from all parts of the church.


On Sunday 16th June (Today) at 12:30pm in the Upper Room, Farm Street parishioner Jonathan Moore will be in conversation with broadcaster Mark Lawson. Jonathan will speak about his work in theatre and opera, and how it is an expression of his faith.


Next Sunday the Church celebrates the Feast of Corpus Christi. There will be a procession with the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Mayfair immediately after the 11am Mass. The procession is of an ecumenical nature, and we will be processing with our friends from the Grosvenor Chapel and the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral. All are most welcome to participate in this public witness to the Christian Faith and our shared love for the Lord.


The annual Summer Fair, organized jointly with the Grosvenor Chapel, St George’s School, and Library, will take place in the Mount Street Gardens on Sunday 30th June from 12 noon to 4pm.


Calling all bakers in the pews, both professional and enthusiastic amateur. We need lots of cakes, large and small, for the Summer Fair. Regarding allergies, please supply a list of ingredients to be displayed next to your cake. Contributions can be brought to 114 Mount Street on the afternoon of Saturday 29th June or the morning of Sunday 30th June.

For the Tombola, we need donations of wine, spirits and juice. This is always a popular stall, so any help you can give would be much appreciated. Please contact Margaret on 0207-267-3363, or Jane on 07962967443.

 March for the Climate with the Jesuits

On Wednesday 26 June, parishioners, students and staff from Jesuit works across the UK will gather at Mount Street at 10:30 am and walk to Westminster early afternoon. It is part of a UK-wide initiative to raise awareness on climate change and send a message to parliament. For more details, check out the Jesuit Missions website.


Bookings are open for this year’s Farm Street Camino in the Steps of St Ignatius, walking this year in the steps of the founder of the Jesuits through the Basque Country from Alda on the Rioja border to Loyola, the birthplace of St Ignatius. The Camino is a spiritual as well as physically challenging experience, with prayer and Mass each day and a day’s retreat in Loyola followed by a final day of sightseeing in Bilbao. September 23rd – October 3rd 2019. For more information please speak to Fr Dominic or, to request a brochure and to book, contact Pax Travel direct on (020)-7485-3003; For full details visit or request a brochure at Reception.

Restored Lives

Date: Thursday 20th June, with coffee from 9.45am & sandwich lunch provided

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Venue: Vaughan House, London SW1P 1QN

Price of Workshop, including materials: £35 per person
Do you need help recovering from relationship breakdown? The Restored Lives course supports and empowers people to move forward from divorce and separation, or the breakdown of any serious relationship, to live a full life, free from past issues.
For bookings and payments visit or contact Roger Carr-Jones on 020 7798 9363 or e-mail


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• Wednesdays at the Well – Come to Rest & Be Refreshed

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• Book Club

2nd Thursday of each month 7-8.30pm – except July & August (Next: September 12th, 2019)

Book: The Brothers Karamazov

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky




Facilitated by Lynne Galloway

Saturday 22nd June 11am-4pm

Mindfulness as understood today builds on our God given human ability to be fully present to the moment, cultivating awareness of where we are and what we’re doing. It is not something that we have to do extra, it is not something we have to add onto our daily living, it is simply about being present to what is. But that is something that we need to cultivate.



Facilitated by Maria Shapero

Thursday 4th July 11.30-1pm

Grief is a particularly isolating experience that can affect all aspects of your life physically, emotionally and socially. There are many kinds of grieving…


You are welcome to just come along or contact Maria Shapero or 0755 324 2322 for more details.



Facilitated by members of the Mount Street Jesuit Centre team

Saturday 13th July 11am-4pm

These are retreat days of prayer run in an Ignatian way, in which there is talk, time for personal prayer and the opportunity to listen to each other.

There is no need to book for these days, just come along.