First Sunday of Lent– Year C – 10th March 2019


Deuteronomy 26:4-10    Psalm 90

Romans 10:8-13  Luke 4:1-13



There are various signs around the church that we have just begun Lent. The colour of the vestments and hangings has changed to purple, the Gloria and Alleluia have disappeared from Mass, there is a more sombre feel. We have this season because we are looking forward to the celebrating the most important events of our faith, the death and the resurrection of Jesus.

At Christmas we mark the season by sending cards and presents, putting up decorations, preparing special food. In preparing for Easter we look inwards, to our hearts.  We make ourselves ready to celebrate the feast.  In Lent we are called to “repent and believe in the Gospel”.  Repenting means changing, changing our thinking and our behaviour.   We can ask ourselves, “how to I need to change and how can I go about it.”

One way of approaching this is to ask ourselves, “What is it that gets in the way of my living as somebody who really believes the Gospel, who really believes Easter”:-

It may be that my life that I do not give enough time and effort to prayer. In this case I am likely to lose sight of God in my life and be overwhelmed by the things of the day.  If I can make just a small step to focus on God in my life it can change my priorities and my outlook.

It may be that there is some habit to which I am attached, something which may be in danger of becoming an addition. Perhaps I drink to much, perhaps there is some kind of food I overdo,  perhaps the time I spend on the internet or social media or the things I watch are things which need to change, perhaps it is even the way I respond to particular people which I need to examine.

It may be that I do very little to help other people. Is there is some way I can give my time, my skills or my resources for those who need help.

It may be that I look at the news and am aware of damage occurring to the environment or workers being treated unfairly but do nothing about it. Maybe I need to adjust my lifestyle in someway so that I am not part of damaging the environment or exploiting others.  One advantage of the barrage of news we receive these days is that we can be aware of these things in a way we might not have been in the past.

This Lent I suggest you identify one of those things, that for me is the thing where I know I really need to change. Focus on that and each day ask yourself how far you have been able to live out your commitment to change. This will automatically make you focus on God rather than yourself.   It will make you a better person and it will make you better prepared to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

Fr Chris Pedley, S.J.



To help us enter more deeply into the spirit of Lent, Farm Street Church will be having two tea-time piano recitals performed by world-renowned pianist Bobby Chen, which will both be accompanied by short Lenten reflections. The next (second) recital will take place on Saturday 23rd March at 4.40pm. The recitals will be finished by 5.30pm. All are very welcome to attend.



Andrew White, our artist-in-residence, will speak about his art as an expression of his faith, including his large work ‘The Last Supper’ and his forthcoming commission for Farm Street ‘Mother Mary’. This will take place on Sunday March 17th at 12:30pm in the Meeting Room


Tim Schmalz, the sculptor of Homeless Jesus that now finds a place in Farm Street Church, will talk about his art and his faith with special reference to the Homeless Jesus Statue. This will take place in the parish hall at 6.45pm on Thursday 21st March.



Carey Schofield, a former journalist and now educator in Pakistan, will speak about her work in Sunday March 31st at 12:30pm in the Meeting Room. All are most welcome to what should be an extremely interesting talk.


We need help at the front reception to help on a Sunday afternoon on a once a month commitment. If you are able to help with this important service, please call Leslie Giltz on 0207 408 1234.


Farm Street will be hosting two prestigious events organized by The Tablet. The first, a talk by Dr Michael Hurley entitled, ‘Weird Science and the Search for God: G.M. Hopkins, A. Conan Doyle, J.R.R. Tolkien’ will take place in the parish hall on Thursday 14th March from 5.45pm – 8.15pm. The second, a talk by Melanie McDonagh entitled, ‘The Role of Catholic Education in the Modern World’ will take place in the parish hall on Wednesday 20th March from 5.45pm – 8.15pm. Both talks will be followed by Q&As, drinks and canapés, and book sales. These talks are ticketed events and tickets must be purchased through The Tablet. For more information please visit or call 020 8748 8484.


40 Days for Life is a pro-life group praying to end abortion. The current 40 days began on the 6th March and will end on the 14th April. If you can spare an hour to pray and to offer love and support for women and babies facing abortion visit


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Facilitated by Malachy Keegan

Saturday 16th March 11am-4pm

In today’s world, mental health is increasingly being seen as of equal importance as physical health. The course will be a Beginner’s Guide to Mental Health Awareness. The course will explain, in simple terms, the process of healthy and happy human development from early to later life, what might go wrong and how the damage can be repaired. It will be of particular use to anyone who works with people in a pastoral or caring situation.



Facilitated by Helen Davies & Lynne Galloway

Saturday 23rd March 11am-4pm

This workshop will explore the very practical tool of the Daily Review, also known as the Examen that St. Ignatius offers us in his Spiritual Exercises. Enabling us to become more aware of the NOW. We will explore practical ways in which we can integrate this Daily Review/Examen into our daily lives.



Facilitated by David Cherry

Saturday 30th March 11am-4pm

As Holy Week draws near here is an opportunity to reimagine salvation, to think and begin to feel your faith in a free-er way. Using Girardian themes of mimesis and the scapegoat mechanism David will attempt to draw you into a vaster & life giving conversation about believing in Jesus.


Facilitated by Maria Shapero

Thursday 4th April 11.30-1pm

Grief is a particularly isolating experience that can affect all aspects of your life physically, emotionally and socially. There are many kinds of grieving…


You are welcome to just come along or contact Maria Shapero or 0755 324 2322 for more details.


Facilitated by Abigail Graham

Saturday 6th April 11am-4pm

This workshop invites you to use this very special devotional music to prepare for hearing St John’s account of the Passion read on Good Friday and to reflect on what Easter means to you.



Facilitated by members of the Mount Street Jesuit Centre team

Saturday 13th April 11am-4pm

These are retreat days of prayer run in an Ignatian way, in which there is talk, time for personal prayer and the opportunity to listen to each other.


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