32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time– Year B – 11th November 2018


I Kings 17:10-16           Psalm 145

Hebrews 9:24-28      Mark 12:38-44


n the Gospel reading at Mass today, Jesus draws a strong contrast between, on the one hand, the scribes who say one thing while doing another and those who support the Temple only with what they have left over, and, on the other hand, the poor widow who put into the collection box just two small coins which were all she had to live on.

The contrast illustrates two ways of being a disciple. There are those who follow Jesus half-heartedly and those who follow him with their all and everything. Jesus warns against being like the former and invites us to become like those who follow him wholeheartedly.

Which is all very well, you might say, but most of us are busy people with many commitments and responsibilities at home, at work and perhaps in one form of another of public life. We might ask how we can follow Jesus so completely when there are so many calls already on our time and energy.

Jesus calls us to follow him each day less by doing something extra, though that may sometimes happen, more by making the most of the opportunities there are to live like his disciples in the midst of our present commitments at home, at work or wherever. We need to ask for ears that are tuned in to hear his voice in the many conversations we have, eyes that can focus on his presence in the people we live and work with and those others we come across in the street or in the tube, and a heart that can respond to him generously.

There is a way of praying each day which many people, me included, find a great help as we try to live each day as followers of Jesus. It involves setting aside a few minutes at the beginning of each day and a few minutes at the end. Some of us will be familiar with it already as the way of life, the spirituality for every day, proposed by what used to be called the “Apostleship of Prayer” and which is now known as “Hearts on Fire”.

At the beginning of each day, shortly after waking up, we can offer the whole day to the Lord, our thoughts, our words and our actions, and ask him that we might live this day as his disciples. Here’s one form of this offering but you can use your own words, as I do.

Jesus, as I look forward to face whatever the day may bring,
Joy or sorrow, health or sickness, success or failure, laughter or tears.
I recall your love for us, your faithful friendship to the entire world and to me and my family, personally.
Let me stray not from your commands. Let me never be far from your heart. Help me to share the gifts that I receive with all and to see your face in all my brothers and sisters.
At the end of the day may I return to you and surrender the day’s work, love, heartaches, and joy with open hands and open heart. Amen.

Then at the end of the day, we might take a few minutes, perhaps five or six, sitting quietly, placing ourselves in the Lord’s presence and looking back over the day and thanking him for those times when we have lived as followers of his, asking forgiveness for those times when we haven’t, and looking ahead at the next day and what it will bring and asking for whatever we need to live as he wants us to live.

It’s the experience of many people that when prayer like this becomes a habit, we become, with the Lord’s help, more able to tune into his voice, focus on his presence and respond generously and so become the kind of disciples he asks us to be, not least in the Gospel we hear read at mass today.

 Fr Michael Holman, S.J.


For the month of November, Jesuits in Britain have made it possible to light a virtual candle in memory of those you remember and submit their names for prayer on their website.  To light a virtual candle in memory of your loved ones, send us their names using the link below.


The names will be added to the book of remembrance in church where they will be prayed for during Masses throughout November.


The vigil of our patronal feast will be celebrated with a solemn sung Mass at 7pm on Friday 7th December. The occasion will see the consecration of our new altar by HE Vincent Cardinal Nichols, followed by a reception in the hall. This will also mark the formal farewell by the parish to Fr Andrew Cameron-Mowat.


Archbishop Edward Adams, Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain, will celebrate a solemn Mass and bless our new sculpture Homeless Jesus on Tuesday January 15th at 6pm.  This will be followed by a presentation by the sculptor Timothy Schmaltz, who will join us from Canada especially for the occasion and by those working in homeless services.  All are welcome to this very special evening to raise awareness of homeless issues in our city and to formally dedicate our new piece of artwork in the church, the first Homeless Jesus to be housed in a London church.


Caritas Westminster is hosting an evening raising awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery in our communities. Speakers include the Metropolitan Police, the Santa Marta Group, the Medaille Trust, and Caritas Bakhita House. The event will take place on Thursday 22nd November, from 6.30pm-8.30pm, at Farm Street Church. Refreshments will be available from 6.00pm. Please RSVP to caritaswestminster@rcdow.org.uk, or call on 0207 798 9030 for your free ticket. Alternatively, you can register your attendance on Eventbrite, by searching for ‘Slaves in our City’.

The new book of our Stations of the Cross, in full colour, is on sale at the bookshop and Reception for a £10 donation. 2019 diaries are also available for a £1 donation.

Young Adults Wine Tasting

Sat 17 Nov 2018 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm  Mount Street Jesuit Centre – Parish Hall

Join us for a relaxing wine tasting social. Tickets often sell out well before the night, so book soon to avoid disappointment. Please note the event is strictly for those older than 18 years old.

Tickets are available online at the following link: http://buytickets.at/msjcyoungadultministries/202679


Tango Shelter 2018

Volunteers are sought for an evening of tango dancing at Tango Shelter 2018 in the hall, Saturday 8th December, 16:30 – 22:00, to set-up chairs, take down, manage tickets/reception, manage the kitchen, and facilitate refreshments.

This is not an official Farm Street event, but funds raised will be donated to the work Farm Street Church undertakes with the homeless. It will also celebrate Latin American Pope Francis’ birthday and follows on from a successful event last year.
If you are able to help, please contact Warren Edwardes at tango@edwardes.org


London Mayor Sadiq Khan will report on his action to West London citizens at St George’s Cathedral on 29 November, from 7 to 9pm. This is a unique opportunity to share your experience as a citizen living in the area, and raise the concerns you may have. Tickets must be booked in advance. More details: https://goo.gl/QjjDWG


You can now use your mobile phone to make donations to our Weekly Offering: just text FARM02 £[enter your donation amount] to 70070
You will receive a reply text immediately, with an invitation to register the donations from your phone for Gift Aid.


“REDEMPTION”, a bilingual English/French music album by Armel Yoro is now available here at Farm Street in the bookshops, Sacristy and at Reception. In Côte d’Ivoire, it is already played on national television and radios. Please visit Armel Paul Marie on Facebook or YouTube to watch his stunning video and rediscover familiar places in London. Thank you for supporting his evangelisation project.

CD of the newly released album is sold here in the sacristy, the bookshop and at Reception. Listen on ITunesSpotifyGoogle playFacebookYouTube etc.

Click here to watch a video Clip of Armel Paul Marie’s song “L’ennemi”


A musical portrait of Farm Street Church celebrating fifty years as a Parish. The album includes favourite selections from the choir’s repertoire, along with special commissions composed for the choir by Gabriel Jackson, for which the choir gave the premiere performances. Compact Discs available in the BOOKSHOP and at RECEPTION

114 Mount Street, London W1K 3AH


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Our Regular Events


Our Regular Events

• Guided Prayer

Every Monday 6.30-7pm

• Lunchtime Lectio

Every Tuesday 1.40-2pm


• Wednesdays at the Well – Come to Rest & Be Refreshed

3rd Wednesday of each month 11.30am-3.30pm (Next meeting: 20th November, 2018)


• Book Club

2nd Thursday of each month 7-8.30pm

(Next meeting: 13th December, 2018)


• Something on a Sunday

1st Sunday of each month 2-5pm (Next meeting: 2nd December, 2018)


Facilitated by Audrey Hamilton and Liz Waldy

Saturday 17th November 11am-4pm

“These selfless images that we call icons have one function only, to put us in touch with the world of grace.  We are taken out of our own world as we contemplate, and are drawn into this holy world where God is free to love us as he desires” Sr Wendy Becket
St John Damascene (675-749) taught that icons tell us in pictures what the Gospel tells us in words.

We will explore this in our workshop as we briefly consider the history and theology of icons and, more importantly, let them lead us into prayer and silence, “a window on the kingdom” which “does not just open onto the world beyond, but lets in that vital air which refreshes our hearts” (Michel Quenot).


Facilitated by Róisín McGrogan

Saturday 24th November 11am-4pm

This workshop will include breathwork, an exploration of physical representation of Christian prayer and scripture, a strong energetic yoga practice and a final Ignatian contemplation exercise on the Gospel. Bring water, bring a mat (and any other yoga props you usually use) and wear comfortable clothes you can move and stretch in.


Facilitated by Mary Warner & Michael O’Halloran

Saturday 1st December 11am-4pm

The workshop aims to facilitate learning and discussion about how the 12 Steps of addiction recovery can interact with and complement Ignatian spirituality.  There will be some teaching as well as opportunities for participants to share their experiences and discuss some of these ideas.


Facilitated by Brian Purfield

Saturday 1st December 11am-4pm repeated as a course 2 Tuesdays, December 4th & 11th, 11am-1pm

Prayer and reflection in preparation for Advent and Christmas with the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel.


Facilitated by Maria Shapero

Thursday 6th December 11.30-1pm

Grief is a particularly isolating experience that can affect all aspects of your life physically, emotionally and socially. There are many kinds of grieving…


You are welcome to just come along or contact Maria Shapero Mariashapero@hotmail.com or 0755 324 2322 for more details.


Facilitated by members of the Mount Street Jesuit Centre team

Saturday 8th December 11am-4pm

These are retreat days of prayer run in an Ignatian way, in which there is talk, time for personal prayer and the opportunity to listen to each other.


There is no need to book for these days, just come along.