Newsletter – 15th July 2018 – 15TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME YEAR B


Amos 7:12-15   Psalm 84

Ephesians 1: 3-14   Mark 6:7-13


Many years ago, when I was very young, I used to walk along Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow, Scotland, on my way to school. I walked along that street every day for six years. On that same street I would see a man wearing billboards on his front and on his back. It said on the front: “The end of the world is nigh” and on the back “Repent and believe the good news!” I never paid much attention to that man, and as the six years dragged on, it seemed more and more likely that the end of the world was probably still a long way off. But there is a sense in which that man was quite right; he was a recent version of the prophet Amos that we hear about in the first reading today. He was a prophet of doom.

Prophets of doom, in a world where everything seems to be fine, have a hard life, and they’re supposed to. You can tell a false prophet a mile away. They cash in on the current fad or popular opinion. The prophet Amos was a true prophet. He told king Jeroboam that he was a bad king. He told the people of Israel that God was angry with them; they were ignoring the poor and the sick. In all their prosperity and wealth they forgot that someone bigger and more powerful than they was actually responsible for everything they had.

Amos learned that there is more to being a true prophet than just telling people good news. While everything’s going fine and the prophet is saying encouraging words and cheering everyone up – then his listeners say “You speak well”, “You are a good prophet”, but when the tables are turned and he has to scold the people, then that’s quite another story.
But no true prophecy can be based on dishonesty, on just telling the people what they want to hear. Basically, the people of Israel had forgotten to say three things: Thank you, Give Glory to God, and please help. We are all brought up to say thanks, to say things like “Well done, nice job” and so on. It seems hardest to say “please help”. But we have to, because without the help of God and of our fellow human beings we quickly end up lost and lonely. We can spend so long working out what God wants us to do with our lives, that we forget that first of all God wants us to be human beings. A human being is not only an individual; we live among other human beings. It is not an accident that as babies we have the longest nurturing time of any species on the planet. We need help from one another; we need companionship and true friendship. Look what Jesus does in today’s Gospel: he chooses twelve apostles, and sends them out, doing exactly the same sorts of things that he himself was doing. Jesus realizes that, by himself, there isn’t time to do all the things he was called to do. And if Jesus needs help from his fellow human beings, then all the more do we. And we especially need help for the work that Jesus calls each one of us to do.

Jesus chooses us to be prophets to this world; Prophets where we live and grow up, prophets where we work. Saying “things are bad and they’re getting worse” won’t get the Good News very far. Jesus needs us to bring hope and comfort; to speak against the rampant individualism of the “me” generation. Jesus sends us into the world to preach as Paul did, to say that Jesus has redeemed us by his blood, that we are truly free. For Paul, only one thing matters, that Jesus was raised from the dead. He reminds us that this is more than just mere talk but a fundamental truth that changes us and our world for ever. Without this truth then all our efforts are a waste of time. What gives our lives meaning and purpose is not how clever we are, how much cash we have, how many exams we pass; what really matters is that God became human in Jesus Christ who preached the word of God and who died for us, and that he lives, showing us that our lives have much more meaning than we can ever grasp.

All Christians are called to live their lives with the knowledge that Jesus Christ died for them and was raised. Jesus beckons us to put an end to the thinking that says “What can I do about the dreadful things that are happening in this world?  I’m not clever enough, brave enough, I can’t speak very well.” Every prophet in the history of salvation said the same thing. Today’s Gospel calls us to shake off the dust of guilt and resentment; to set out on the new road of conversion, trusting in the love and care of Christ. God put each of us into this world for a purpose: we have to use what we have been given.

If we trust in the Lord and set out on the path that calls us, then the world will not end in doom, but become a glorious reflection of the love of God and the power of the Spirit of the Risen Christ.

Fr. Andrew Cameron-Mowat, S.J.


A very big ‘thank you’ for supporting Mary’s Meals on its Rags to Riches collection last Sunday.

The parish kindly gave 260kg of unwanted clothes. The amount raised will feed 10 children who will not only get fed one good, nutritious meal every school day for a whole year, but they will get an education too. Mary’s Meals is grateful for your support.



Fr Provincial has asked Fr Tony Nye to leave Mount Street Jesuit Community and move to our noviceship community at Manresa House in Birmingham.  He will be leaving during the third week of September.  Fr Tony has been a much loved member of the Clergy team and assisting clergy for the past ten years and will be very much missed.  We wish him every blessing as he moves to his new Jesuit community.



We wish every blessing to Brother James Hodkinson SJ who moves to Campion Hall, Oxford.  Saturday July 14th will be his last time with us at the Saturday evening Mass.  Br James has been a wonderful part of the ministry of the parish and the Jesuit Community over many years as a reader, Eucharistic Minister, and as a daily presence at the 8am Mass in his favourite place in front of the painting of the Sacred Heart.  A man of deep prayer, friendship and wisdom, Br James will be greatly missed by many, especially those faithful to the weekday morning and Saturday Evening Masses.



Armel Yoro, who has been our Sacristan since 2013, has accepted a job in France and will be moving there in August with his wife and three children.

Armel has been a key part of Farm Street Church’s parish life for nearly six years and we will miss him very much.  His last Sunday with us will be July 22nd.   We wish him, Elisabeth and the three children every blessing and happiness.



Next Programme 2018/19

Start date: 7th October 2018

Celebration: 9th June 2019

If you would like your child to take part in this preparation, please contact us on to request an application form or collect one from reception at 114 Mount Street. Forms must be returned by September 30th 2018.


The new book of our Stations of the Cross, in full colour, is on sale at the bookshop and Reception for a £10 donation.




We are inviting you to join our third annual 31 days of St Ignatius, a month long celebration of all things Ignatian with a series of 31 daily messages guiding you through the different Ignatian ways to pray throughout July culminating on St Ignatius feast day on the 31st.  Each week in July, we explore a different style of Ignatian prayer into help and guide you into a deeper relationship with God. To take part in the celebrations, simply sign up to receive the 31 Days of St Ignatius daily email at and each day in July, you will receive an inspiring prayer-centred message straight to your inbox. You can also view the messages and follow the celebrations on twitter using the hashtag #31DaysofStIgnatius and on Facebook at JesuitsinBritain.


The Parish is looking for volunteers to help the integration of a Syrian family, who will be resettled in North London from June. We are looking for Arabic speakers, education professionals, HR experts, medical staff, and mental health specialists. Also, if you know about any accommodation that could be rented by the Parish to welcome other Syrian families, please do let us know so that we can make contact(s) with landlords. For any queries, please contact:



Thank you for supporting Aid to the Church in Need’s appeal for Catholic charity’s emergency and pastoral work in Syria and Iraq.  In total £3,034.71, of which £335.57 was sales of ACN cards, books and gifts, was raised. Also Fr Dominic Robinson SJ, our Maintenance Manager Sebastian Cichocki and John Pontifex will be among those taking part in the British 10K London Run this Sunday  July 15th for the above project. Please support them on, or write to Aid to the Church in Need, 12-14 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4DA, marking your donation ‘in support of the ACN run for Syria and Iraq’.


Congratulations to former 11am Mass Eucharistic Minister Fr John Tabor who was ordained priest at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday June 30th.  Fr Tabor is appointed Assistant Priest at Ss Peter and Paul, Northfields.  Congratulations also to Jesuits Fr. Philip Harrison and Fr Kensy Joseph, ordained at St Ignatius Church, Stamford Hill on the same day.  Fr. Harrison is going to Rome for Scripture studies and Fr Joseph is appointed College Chaplain at St. Aloysius College, Glasgow.



Fr Peter Edmonds SJ who regularly assists in our church, reminds us of three books he has written, all available in the Bookshop and in Reception.

– To help you with the Sunday readings; “an informative and accessible guide” for every Sunday of the year, “The Way Companion to the Sunday Missal” (£10)

– A memoir of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land informed by a reading and course on St Luke: “A pilgrim’s guide to the land, personalities and the language of Luke”. “Rediscover Jesus” (£10)

– Just published: “The Way Companion to Synoptic Gospels”, an invitation to recognise the distinctive voices of Matthew, Mark and Luke and to make them our friends (£12)




The Helpers reach out in love and compassion to mothers who are in crisis pregnancies and to those who have suffered the effects of abortion. Their next Rosary Procession Vigil, led by Father Jacob Hausman, CFR, will be held on Saturday July 21st at St Thomas of Canterbury Church, 557-559 High Road, Woodford Green, IG8 0RB.  It begins with Mass at 9am.  Rosary Procession at 9.45am to Marie Stopes abortion centre, 88 Russell Rd, Buckhurst Hill, IG9 5QB returning at 12noon to the church for refreshments. Full details on poster in church porch or contact tel. 01727 763832 or e-mail



Fr Geoff Wheaton SJ has recorded a short reflection on Andrew White’s Pieta along with an image of the painting that can be accessed on the Jesuit’s Website and also on YouTube by searching “Geoff Wheaton SJ”.


If you would like become a “Friend of Farm Street Church” to support our ministry and the care of this beautiful building please pick up a leaflet or see the application information online at


We now have access for wheelchair users to gain access into the house and so will be able to participate in courses, meetings, etc.


The Bridge Club meets here every Tuesday evening, starting at 6.30pm, all levels are welcome.  Funds raised go to the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS).


You can now use your mobile phone to make donations to our Weekly Offering:

just text FARM02 £[enter your donation amount] to 70070

You will receive a reply text immediately, with an invitation to register the donations from your phone for Gift Aid.


“REDEMPTION”, a bilingual English/French music album by our parish secretary and sacristan, is now available here at Farm Street in the bookshops, Sacristy and at Reception. In Côte d’Ivoire, it is already played on national television and radios. Please visit Armel Paul Marie on Facebook or YouTube to watch his stunning video and rediscover familiar places in London. Thank you for supporting his evangelisation project.

CD of the newly released album is sold here in the sacristy, the bookshop and at Reception. Listen on ITunesSpotifyGoogle playFacebookYouTube etc.

Click here to watch a video Clip of Armel Paul Marie’s song “L’ennemi”


A musical portrait of Farm Street Church celebrating fifty years as a Parish. The album includes favourite selections from the choir’s repertoire, along with special commissions composed for the choir by Gabriel Jackson, for which the choir gave the premiere performances. Compact Discs available in the BOOKSHOP and at RECEPTION


MSJC logo114 Mount Street, London W1K 3AH  

Book online for any of these events

Information: 020 7495 1673 or

Our Regular Events

• Midday Meditation: Every Tuesday 1.40-2pm

• Wednesdays at the Well – Come to Rest & Be Refreshed: 3rd Wednesday of each month 11.30am-3.30pm (Next meeting: July 18, 2018)


Alexander Technique & Mindfulness

Facilitated by Chris Goodchild

Saturday 21st July 11am-4pm

This workshop will explore in detail how the Alexander Technique evolved, how it can be applied and, most importantly, how it can be combined with mindfulness in giving us tools to be more present in life.


Women Encountering Jesus

Facilitated by Gabriela Flores and Liz Waldy

Wednesdays, 5th-26th September 7-8.30pm

Learning from Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, the woman with a bent back, and others, may offer us the possibility of awakening our own sensibilities in new ways, along with the chance to learn from their compassion, spirit of service, and openness to intimacy with Jesus.


Bereavement and Loss Group

Thursday 6th September 11.30am–1pm

Grief is a particularly isolating experience that can affect all aspects of your life physically, emotionally and socially. There are many kinds of grieving… Maria Shapero facilitates this welcoming and understanding group that meets on the first Thursday of the month from 11.30am to 1pm.

You are welcome to just come along or contact Maria Shapero or 0755 324 2322 for more details.


Ignatian Retreat Day

Facilitated by members of the Mount Street Jesuit Centre team

Saturday 8th September 11am-4pm

These are retreat days of prayer run in an Ignatian way, in which there is talk, time for personal prayer and the opportunity to listen to each other.

There is no need to book for these days, just come along.


For your diary: Mount Street Jesuit Centre Open Day!

Saturday 15 September, 11am-4pm

Come and meet the team, see what we do, sample workshops & ways of praying, etc.  Drop in anytime between 11am and 4pm. There will be friendly faces and cake!


Our new brochures for 2018-19 are now available at the church doors and our website will be updated throughout the summer.

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