Newsletter – 1st April 2018 – EASTER SUNDAY OF THE RESURRECTION




Acts 10:34, 37-43       Psalm 117

Colossians 3:1-4           John 20:1-9

Farm Street SketchCHRIST IS RISEN!

In British culture Easter has a much lower profile than Christmas.  Perhaps this is because it does not provide the same commercial opportunities.  It is not, traditionally a time for giving presents and cards for most people.  However, we do see symbols of Easter in the secular world around us.  These are symbols of spring and new life:  flowers, rabbits, chicks and, above all, eggs.  The Easter egg is the thing which has been popularised and is big business.


These symbols reflect, what is for many, a folk memory of the Christian festival.  They also reflect a natural human instinct.  Many cultures and religion have festivals which celebrate spring and the new life it brings.  In the Jewish culture this is the time of celebrating the Passover.  God’s rescuing his people from slavery in Egypt. This was the time of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus and the Church sees these events as our Passover.  The story of Passover is the key Old Testament reading in our Easter Vigil service.
We may wonder what many of the symbols of Easter we see around us have to do with our celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus.  Often, they seem more pagan than Christian.  However, they are on to something.  The Resurrection is about new life, the new life of Christ in which we are called to share, the overcoming of sin and death.  However, it is not just about a personal hope of eternal life.  Similarly, it is not just about putting things right.  The Exultet, sung at the Easter Vigil, talking about the sin of Adam, says,  “O happy fault, that earned for us so great, so glorious a Redeemer!”.  There is something greater here.  Our whole world is different, our whole relationship with God has been transformed by the events we have just celebrated.  Through these events everything has been made new in Christ.  There is a Spring far more significant than the blossoming that comes with the yearly passage of the seasons.  Spring is a time which brings joy and hope as the days get longer and we see signs of growth in nature.  The joy and hope which we celebrate has deeper roots.

If our lives and our whole world have been transformed, then we are called to be different people.  We are called to be people of joy and hope, people who share that message of joy and hope with those around us.  The way we look at others and our world has changed.  Those around us are the brothers and sisters for whom Christ died.  Our world speaks to us of the new life of Christ.  It is even more a world to be cherished and recognised as God’s world, a world to be seen as a gift and treated accordingly. 


As we see the natural signs of spring, even as we see the eggs and the bunnies, let them remind us of the true meaning of Easter.  The new life which comes, once for all, through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus.


Fr Chris Pedley, S.J.

EASTER MONDAY to EASTER FRIDAY April 2nd to April 6th

Church closed until 11am. Mass at 1.05pm only, after which the church will be closed.


There will be a Jesuit Refugee Service ( JRS ) appeal next weekend at all Masses.



We invite you to join us once again in praying our special novena for peace in Syria at all Masses in the nine days after the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of Fr Frans van der Lugt, SJ from April 7th – 15th.  The Novena will also pray for the immediate release of Fr Paolo dall’Oglio, SJ, who has been held in captivity in Syria since July 2013.  The Novena prayers will also be available online. 



Bookings are open for the 2018 Landings UK & Farm Street Jesuits Saints of England Pilgrimage, visiting Lindisfarne, Hexham, Durham and York.  June 8th – 13th. For more information please speak to Fr Dominic or, to request a brochure and to book, contact Pax Travel direct on (020)-7485-3003;  For full details visit



Do you know someone who has drifted away from their Catholic faith and is now considering returning to it? Landings offers a safe place to land, especially if life has been difficult, and it is a place for being heard, for asking questions and reconnecting with your faith. The 8 week Landings programme is run by a small team of Catholics, some of whom are “returnees” themselves. In a non judgemental, confidential environment, we share and explore our faith together with lots of listening, sharing of life experiences, prayers and discussions.  

If you know anyone is contemplating reconnecting with their Catholic faith then please direct them to our Information session on 18th April at 7pm at the Jesuit Centre, Farm Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3AH. Contact Ruby Almeida at for further details.

We are pleased to recommend Mount Street Printers which has produced numerous orders of services for weddings, funerals, baptisms and other stationery for Farm Street Church.



There is a healing weekend for men and women who find themselves single again following separation, divorce or the death of a partner from 20th to 22nd April 2018 at the Domus Mariae Centre, Chigwell, Essex. For more details please telephone Freda 01322-838415 or Sandra 01293-783965 or email



The Cardinal will be inviting to this Mass all couples in the Diocese who are celebrating their

5th, 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th (and every year over 60) wedding anniversary of Catholic marriage in Westminster Cathedral, Saturday 19th May 2018 at 3pm.  If you are celebrating an anniversary, please give your parish clergy the following details: husband and wife’s names, wedding date, full postal address and email (or telephone number, if no email) before April 16th.



The next World Meeting of Families with Pope Francis takes place in Dublin from 21st – 26th  August. This gathering brings together couples, families and individuals from all over the world to celebrate, pray, and reflect on the joys and challenges of marriage and family life. To find out about joining our Westminster Diocesan Group please email, and to visit the World Meeting of Families website just type in



Fr Geoff Wheaton SJ has recorded a short reflection on Andrew White’s Pieta along with an image of the painting that can be accessed on the Jesuit’s Website and also on YouTube by searching “Geoff Wheaton SJ”.



We need help at the front reception on Thursday evenings between 5pm and 8:30pm on a once a month commitment. Supper provided. Please call Leslie Giltz on 0207 -408-1234.


If you would like become a “Friend of Farm Street Church” to support our ministry and the care of this beautiful building please pick up a leaflet or see the application information online at


We now have access for wheelchair users to gain access into the house and so will be able to participate in courses, meetings, etc.


The Bridge Club meets here every Tuesday evening, starting at 6.30pm, all levels are welcome.  Funds raised go to the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS).


You can now use your mobile phone to make donations to our Weekly Offering:

just text FARM02 £[enter your donation amount] to 70070

You will receive a reply text immediately, with an invitation to register the donations from your phone for Gift Aid.


“REDEMPTION”, a bilingual English/French music album by our parish secretary and sacristan, is now available here at Farm Street in the bookshops, Sacristy and at Reception. In Côte d’Ivoire, it is already played on national television and radios. Please visit Armel Paul Marie on Facebook or YouTube to watch his stunning video and rediscover familiar places in London. Thank you for supporting his evangelisation project.

CD of the newly released album is sold here in the sacristy, the bookshop and at Reception.

Click here to watch a video Clip of Armel Paul Marie’s song “L’ennemi”

CD visual


A musical portrait of Farm Street Church celebrating fifty years as a Parish. The album includes favourite selections from the choir’s repertoire, along with special commissions composed for the choir by Gabriel Jackson, for which the choir gave the premiere performances. Compact Discs available in the BOOKSHOP and at RECEPTION




MSJC logo

114 Mount Street, London W1K 3AH  

Book online for any of these events

Information: 020 7495 1673 or

Our Regular Events

• Midday Meditation: Every Tuesday 1.40-2pm (Except April 3, 2018)

• Wednesdays at the Well – Come to Rest & Be Refreshed: 3rd Wednesday of each month 11.30am-3.30pm (Please note change of times)

(Next meeting: April 18, 2018)

Bereavement and Loss Group

Thursday 5th April 11.30am–1pm

Grief is a particularly isolating experience that can affect all aspects of your life physically, emotionally and socially. There are many kinds of grieving… Sr. Catherine Quane RSM facilitates this welcoming and understanding group that meets on the first Thursday of the month from 11.30am to 1pm.

You are welcome to just come along or contact Sr. Catherine or 0190 323 3904 for more details.


After Jesus, What? Celebrating the Acts of the Apostles in Eastertide

Facilitated by Peter Edmonds SJ

Wednesdays, April 11 – May 16, 11am-1pm

How did the first Christians see themselves?  How did Peter present Jesus to his world? How do we account for the transformation of Paul from persecutor to hero?  How did the first Christians welcome strangers and foreigners? How did they deal with the non-believing intellectual? How did they ensure responsible leadership and future survival?

Luke wished to hold up before his readers a set of Christian ideals which would show them what their own Christian life should be and offer them a strong motivation for following the example. His words can still challenge us today.


Ignatian Retreat Day

Facilitated by members of the Mount Street Jesuit Centre team

Saturday 14th April 11am-4pm

These are retreat days of prayer run in an Ignatian way, in which there is talk, time for personal prayer and the opportunity to listen to each other.

There is no need to book for these days, just come along.


Beginners’ Guide to Ignatian Spirituality

Facilitated by Andrew Kerr-Jarrett & Mitzi James

Tuesdays 17th April – 22nd May 7-8.30pm

This course is for those who are new to Ignatian spirituality, from any background. Its focus is primarily on Ignatian ways of prayer, within which we come to know more about the God who created us, who we are and who we were made to be. Just as there are a great variety of physical exercises for increasing our physical health, St. Ignatius believed that what he called the Spiritual Exercises would develop our spiritual health, our relationship with God and the world.

Towards An understanding of Jesus Christ

Facilitated by Mike Smith SJ

Saturday 21st April 11am-4pm repeated as a course on Wednesdays, 25th April – 9th May 7-8.30pm

Jesus Christ was born just over two thousand years ago, though that was not his beginning. He was killed, but is still alive.  His life deeply affects every one of us: in following the man who walked on our earth and whose death and resurrection saved us and made eternal happiness possible for us all; This course is an introduction to these aspects of Christology – the study of Jesus Christ.


So How Do You Build A Better World?

Facilitated by John Moffatt SJ

Thursdays, 26th April – 10th May 7-8.30pm

Christianity offers a language for reflection of ethical decision-making in the area of social justice with words like ‘solidarity’ and ‘common good’, but how does that language match up with the realities of a modern world and its competing models of economic progress?
This course will attempt to suggest ways of seeing the problem and offer some (necessarily) tentative ways forward for people who would like to help make the world a better place.


Psychology and Spirituality: Friends or Foes?

Facilitated by David Smolira SJ

Saturday 28st April 11am-4pm

This workshop aims to look at some of the major insights of, and trends in, modern psychology and see how these may relate to, compliment or contradict our understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings and the ways we try to connect with God. This exploration will done from the perspective of Ignatian spirituality.

For people without specialist knowledge of psychology, but with an interest in spirituality and how psychology influences our understanding of God, ourselves and the relationship between the two. For those in spiritual accompaniment, spiritual guides and those who train them and those with a more generalised interest in the relationship between spirituality and psychology.


More upcoming events on



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