Weddings are by arrangement. The Church's regulation is that couples should normally give six months' notice so that they may be fully prepared for so momentous a change in their lives.

Please consult our Wedding Information page where you will find more details on preparation courses, the orders of service, music, flowers, and other practical and spiritual arrangements.


Baptism is arranged by contacting the parish priest. There is usually at least one meeting with parents to discuss this sacrament.
Adults seeking baptism or reception into full communion with the Catholic Church would be instructed by one of the priests.
Please consult our Baptism Information page where you will find more details on practical and spiritual arrangements.


Instruction for this sacrament is also available. It leads to receiving the sacrament either in a public celebration at the Cathedral or at a private Mass here at Farm Street.

Funerals and Memorial Masses

May be arranged as may Masses for special family occasions. Please consult our Funeral Information page for more details

Mass intentions

To be left at Reception at 114 Mount Street

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