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Music List – July 2017


July 2nd                                          1100 – 13th Sunday of the Year    

Mass                                                 Messe Bréve in C major                                              Gounod  

Motets                                               Ave Maria                                                                    Rossini  

                                                        Ave verum corpus                                                      Gounod

Organ                                               Final (Symphonie I)                                                    Vierne                                                                                        


July 9th                                        1100 – 14th Sunday of the Year    

Mass                                                Missa in honorem Sancti Josephi                  Peeters  

Motets                                               Salve Regina                                                            Poulenc              

                                                        O salutaris hostia                                                       Dupré

Organ                                               Toccata                                                                       Jongen  


July 16th                                        1100 – 15th Sunday of the Year    

Mass                                                 Missa brevis in D (K194)                                           Mozart

Motets                                               Beatus vir (K339)                                                       Mozart  

                                                        Ave verum corpus                                                      Mozart

Organ                                               Toccata and Fugue in D minor                                   J S Bach  


July 23rd                                        1100 – 16th Sunday of the Year   

Mass                                                 Missa Brevis                                                                Jochum 

Motets                                               Exsulate Deo                                                                Handl

                                                        Pater noster                                                                 Meyerbeer

Organ                                               Praeludium in G minor                                                Buxtehude


July 30th                                        1100 – 17th Sunday of the Year    

Mass                                                 Missa in honorem BMV de Loreto                 Goller  

Motets                                               Eripe me                                                                     Rheinberger  

                                                        Locus iste                                                                    Bruckner  

Organ                                               Allegro moderato (Sonata no.16)                             Rheinberger


July 31st                                         1800 – Feast of St Ignatius   

Mass                                                 Mass in G minor                                                         Vaughan Williams 

Motets                                               Magnificat (St Paul’s service)                                     Howells  

                                                        Lamb of God                                                                Paul Inwood

                                                        Suscipe - Receive O Lord                                             Walker (1st Performance)  

Organ                                               Fête                                                                              Langlais


August 2017


August 6th                              1100 – The Transfiguration of the Lord

Mass                                        Mass for four voices                                               Byrd  

Motets                                     Hodie in monte                                                      Philips  

                                              O nata Lux                                                            Tallis

Organ                                      Prelude in E-flat major                                            J S Bach  


August 13th                                    1100 – 19th Sunday of the Year    

Mass                                        Missa ‘Inter vestibulum’                                        Guerrero  

Motets                                     Ave Maria                                                            Victoria         

                                               Ego sum panis vivus                                             Esquivel

Organ                                       Prelude and Fugue in A minor (BWV 543)                J S Bach  


August 20th                          1100 – 20th Sunday of the Year    

Mass                                        Missa in Honorem Sancti Dominici                           Rubbra

Motets                                     Sacerdotes Domini                                                Byrd  

                                              Oculi omnium                                                       Wood

Organ                                       Postlude in D minor                                              Stanford  


August 27th                           1100 – 21st Sunday of the Year        

Mass                                        Missa Choralis Orbis Factor                                    Goller  

Motets                                      Os justi                                                              Bruckner  

                                              O salutaris                                                           Rossini  

Organ                                      Praeludio (Sonata VII)                                           Rheinberger    


September 2017


September 3rd                      1100 – 22nd Sunday of the Year        

Mass                                        Missa brevis in C (K220)                               Mozart  

Motets                                     Cantate Domino                                            Monteverdi

                                              Pasce nos                                                       Dubois  

Organ                                      Prelude and Fugue in C major (BWV 547)    J S Bach  


September 10th                  1100 – 23rd Sunday of the Year            

Mass                                        Missa in Honorem St Caroli Borromaei        Filke 

Motets                                     Dextera Domini                                          Rheinerger     

                                               Ave Maria                                                      Liszt  

Organ                                       Improvisation (Sonata II)                              Reger  


September 17th                    1100 – 24th Sunday of the Year            

Mass                                        Mass in the Dorian Mode                               Howells

Motets                                     Beati quorum via                                          Stanford  

                                              Ave verum corpus                                          Byrd  

Organ                                       Rhapsody no. III                                            Howells  


September 24th                     1100 – 25th Sunday of the Year                

Mass                                        Missa Festiva                                                  Peeters  

Motets                                      O quam amabilis                                           van Amelsvoort

                                              Tantum ergo                                                  Duruflé

Organ                                      Fugue sur le nom d’Alain                              Duruflé




Organist and Director of Music: David Graham

Associate Director of Music: Duncan Aspden

Parish Priest: Fr Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ

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