Faith formation
Farm Street hosts a series of talks annually on ethics, Church history, scripture and varied theological topics. We also hold talks during Advent and Lent – see full details in the newsletter or on the notice boards around the Church. The Farm Street Bookshop offers a wide selection of titles of Catholic interest and has an excellent selection for children and young people. The shop is open every Sunday after the 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 4:15pm and 6:15pm Masses and is located at the back of the church next to the Lourdes altar.

Farm Street has close ties with the Mount Street Jesuit Centre, adjacent to the Church, which has a full range of programmes on Spirituality and Theology & Scripture. Also Heythrop College in Kensington offers a range of intellectual study programmes including a Bachelor of Divinity degree and a Diploma in Theology.

Mount Street Jesuit Centre (MSJC)
The Mount Street Jesuit Centre adjacent to Farm Street Church is a place where Christians can explore and deepen their faith. They provide an excellent range of courses and activities, underpinned by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, to help adults grow in their faith and become more fully "men and women for others".

Ignatian Spirituality
The Mount Street Jesuit Centre offers a range of programmes that aims to foster our relationship with Christ and to bring that relationship into our daily life. Its great theme is 'Finding God in all things'. Ignatian spirituality also encourages us to work with Christ for a better world. To help us to do this we offer a variety of experiences bearing in mind 'It is not much knowledge that fills and satisfies the soul but the intimate understanding and relish of things' (St. Ignatius in the Spiritual Exercises paragraph 2). Please see for details on a full range of courses and workshops which aim to be informative, exploratory, interactive and reflective.

Theology & Scripture
On his recent visit to the UK, Pope Benedict XVI urged Roman Catholics to share their faith. Now, more than ever, we are called to evangelise, and yet so many of us feel unprepared to share, uphold and teach others about our faith.

The Mount Street Jesuit Centre offers a range of Scripture and Theology courses which are designed for those seeking to learn more about the foundations of their faith to assist them in their Christian life and mission, and may be of particular interest to those involved in ministry in parish and other settings. Please see for details on a full range of courses and workshops which aim to be informative, exploratory, interactive and reflective.

Heythrop College
Heythrop was established in 1614 in Louvain by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) for the study of philosophy and theology. Since 1970, it has been a College of the University of London, while retaining a modern Catholic ethos, and offers an educational experience that respects all faiths and perspectives.

In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, it also provides a resource for faith communities and others, especially through the work of the Centres and Institutes. College staff have a wide range of expertise, with particular strengths in Abrahamic religions, interfaith relations, ethics, philosophy of religion and psychology of religion. See for further details.

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